Our Net Zero Journey

At Britton Scotland, we're committed to achieving Net Zero emissions. Our journey towards a sustainable future is continuous and always evolving.

Our Path to Net Zero - Our Commitment

We're on a dedicated journey towards sustainability. A journey that not only seeks to make Britton Scotland a beacon of sustainable practices but also inspires others in our value chain to do the same.

Net Zero Nation Accelerator

We are founding members of the Net Zero Nation community, collaborating with like minded businesses and professionals transitioning to net zero.

We are in our 3rd year of carbon accounts. Making common sense changes as we go to reduce our carbon emissions.

We have a achieved our desired 5% saving and are on our way to achieving this again this year.

Ray Black - CEO Net Zero Nation

I have had the privilege of witnessing numerous businesses embark on their sustainability journeys. Among them, Britton SCOTLAND has notably stood out. This company was among the pioneer participants of our 12-month accelerator program, designed to help SMEs move towards a low carbon future. We paired them with expert carbon advisors, who armed them with the necessary tools to create a credible carbon reduction plan, complemented by monthly carbon accounts.

Under Amy's visionary leadership, Britton SCOTLAND has not merely been a participant but has also become a beacon for other SMEs. They have led by example, actively promoting the ethos of the accelerator to other businesses, fostering a widespread commitment to sustainability. But their influence isn't confined to our local shores - they've made waves on an international level with a range of highly innovative, sustainable products.

The North Star of sustainability is the guiding principle of their journey, demonstrating that commercial success and environmental responsibility aren't mutually exclusive but can harmoniously coexist. As such, Britton SCOTLAND embodies the ethos of Net Zero Nation, proving that our collective effort towards a sustainable future is not only feasible but also profitable and beneficial for all involved."