Evolution of our product range.

Britton Scotland is where tradition meets sustainability.

Our journey started in 2014 in a small home studio and has since evolved to offer a contemporary range of products, all of which are proudly made in Scotland. Along the way, we have also grown a passionate team that shares our mission for sustainability.

Take a look at the evolution of our products throughout the years!

Designing our own Harris Tweed®

“I needed to commission a Harris Tweed® range that was in essence contemporary, unique and a defined range inspired by the Scottish landscape.

“I spoke to the Harris Tweed® Authority about the finer details and called round a number of weavers. I found Margaret at the Adabrock Weaving Company in Ness on the Isle of Lewis and knew straight away we had a common goal.”

Working with Margaret we developed our own range which you can see here.

Landscape Range

The Coin Purse.

Our most popular product was our first product and my personal favourite.

Multipurpose and the perfect size to pop in your pocket. Keys, coins, Lego men, dog treats.

Stops those little things getting lost and in one place.

I carry one all the time and it really does make life that little bit easier. Mine has been used for about six years now and still looks as good as new, a testimony to how resilient and long lasting Harris Tweed® is.

coin purse

Expanding the range.

To increase the offering to our customers we needed to
expand the range of multi-functional sizes.

From square purses in various sizes, for charging wires.

To slim pencil cases which can be used for cosmetics, stationery and all the bits and pieces we carry daily.

Each one multi functional.

You choose.

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Interested in an exclusive, environmentally concious product manufactured in Scotland? We would love to hear from you:

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