Our diverse team have a wide range of talents.

Some of our previous collaboration projects are below.

'Lockdown' Heritage Textile
Grayson Perry

We were asked to put into production some exciting, large-scale textile art works for the iconic Grayson Perry, these are part of his exhibition 'A Show for Normal People'. Each one is identical and finished to the highest of standards, creating a historical textile wall hanging which will be part of art history.

Face Masks
Ozwald Boateng

We created an exclusive washable 5 layer silk face mask range for Ozwald Boateng. Silk layers on the inside and out with filtration material made from recycled plastic bottles. The iconic designer's signature style was perfectly printed onto each mask. A high quality range for his shop on Savile Row.

Exclusive Range
Ardnahoe Distillery

When you visit the Ardnahoe Distillery on the Whisky Isle of Islay, you will find an exclusive range of products design and manufactured by BRITTON Scotland.

We used the distillery's own Islay Tweed for each product - a true 'Made in Scotland' souvenir.

circular economy

Steampunk have been roasting delicious coffees from Guatemala imported through Coffee Bird for several years now. As well as loving the coffee, they are big fans of the sacks they are shipped in. Made from offcuts from the local denim industry. To continue the cycle of reuse we teamed up to repurpose them into beautiful accessories, giving them a new lease of life. 

repurposing waste
Offshore Windfarm Waste

We were asked to come up with a proposal for reusing offshore wind farm waste. Due to the nature of the material we found it was a perfect juxtaposition for Harris Tweed®. If you have a project where you want to stop waste going to landfill, we would be delighted to help in ensuring the waste material is turned into a long lasting quality product.


Interested in an exclusive, environmentally concious product manufactured in Scotland? We would love to hear from you:

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