Washable Neoprene Facemask
built to last

Designed & Handmade in Scotland.

Our range of products are carefully handcrafted in Scotland from genuine Harris Tweed®, ensuring that each piece embodies tradition and environmental responsibility.

About Us

At Britton Scotland, we're passionate about preserving Scottish heritage and promoting sustainable practices.

We are committed to creating a better world for future generations, and we believe that every purchase from our collection is a step towards that goal.

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Harris Tweed®

Created from handwoven Harris Tweed®

Our range of products are created from Harris Tweed® handwoven in the Outer Hebrides. All of our ranges are inspired by the Scottish landscape and seasons. The colour and character are attributable to truly traditional Scottish weaving methods.

Our Mission and Vision

“Where Tradition Embraces Sustainability”

Britton Scotland's mission is to redefine the story of Scottish heritage by integrating it with the principles of sustainability and the circular economy. We are devoted to crafting an innovative, environmentally friendly range of products that respect the legacy of our esteemed Harris Tweed®. Our designs blend tradition with modernity, taking Harris Tweed® on a unique, transformative journey. From using recycled zips and woven labels derived from plastic bottles to utilising recycled coffee cup paper labels, we are pioneering a path where every element of our production process defines a route to a sustainable future. Our vision is to create not just products, but lasting legacies that intertwine Scottish tradition with a conscious commitment to the planet.

Multi-functional Product Range

Each one is created to carry daily essentials, whether its coins, headphones or gadget connectors, glasses, lip gloss or stationery. The multi-functional product range has items, from small to large, including cosmetic and makeup bags. 

Manufacturing in Scotland, using Scottish materials and carefully chosen component parts has allowed us to reduce our carbon footprint using our heritage cloth, Harris Tweed®.

We offer a wide range of multi-functional items from coin purses to laptop covers that all have a unique story behind their creation. Our products are designed and meticulously crafted by our team in Stirling to ensure the highest quality.

Hattersley Loom

Handwoven, unique and tactile.

Our Landscape and Sunset collections are handwoven on an old Hattersley loom by Adabrock Weaving Company, overlooking the ocean, skies and ancient cliffs of the Outer Hebrides.