Our Team

Growing a team during a Global pandemic…..

Changing direction…designing and adapting to a new essential product range.

Ensuring our company ethos still remains at the core of the product.

High quality, precise, environmentally conscious.

Made in Scotland.

‘No one can over react to the seriousness of this at a very early stage.’ Unknown

One which is now essential for everyone instead of a luxury Harris Tweed® Accessories range aimed at the tourist and more discerning customer.

The original concept was, ‘To developed a face covering to be worn in ‘Solidarity’’. 

The idea was to develop a washable, non-surgical facemask set. Sold as a multiple set of colour coded washable facemasks in a variety of sizes for adults or children.

The colour coded labels will allow household members to identify their own set.

From this the Community Face Covering was developed in conjunction with Nick Bell, Product Engineer from Glasgow School of Art.   

‘Never doubt a small, committed team has the power to create change.’ Margaret Mead

Using word of mouth and like-minded people, we have built a team of dynamic, intelligent, conscientious individuals. All of whom have been open to learning new skills and adapting to a changing working environment where deadlines and quality control are paramount.

The Aim.

To build and train a team, to produce a range of face coverings that are;

  • Stylish in design.
  • Shaped to stop glasses steaming up.
  • Designed to fit the face, covering both the nose and mouth.
  • Easy to put on and take off, designed to close to protect the inside.
  • Printed with a variety of designs by Scottish Artists, designers and students who are the designers of the future.
  • There is also a selection designed by pupils from our local high school.
  • Are environmentally conscious.
  • Comply with the European CWA17553:2020 standard for Community face coverings.

Our Team

What is it like to join our team?

Pia: Although daunting at first, it was brilliant to be welcomed into a team where all the members of staff were so willing to take the time to pass on their skills and encourage my growth. It has also given me the opportunity to be part of something contributing to our society and adapting to working in the new normal.

Karen: During the pandemic there has been a constant learning curve in developing the washable face covering. Product development, exploring the fit, the requirements for layering, the washability, and the environmental impact.

Hannah: Last year was a very anxious and uncertain time. Working with Amy and the team I found it was really good to use my skills to help develop a product for the pandemic. Being on furlough for the duration of the pandemic, it has also been good to have had the structure and stability that the job has provided for my daily routine.  

Pelly: I found it very difficult to find work during the pandemic as there were very limited places offering jobs. I really enjoy working in the warehouse as it is a happy and hardworking environment. It is also very Covid safe and makes it relaxing to work during these times.

Karolina: During the pandemic, this has been invaluable work experience for me, as a student studying fashion business this provided me with great experience. I like the handmade tweed products, the sustainability aspect of the face coverings. It is great to be working in a team of like-minded people.