Care Guide

General Accessories - Care Recommendations

Our Harris Tweed® is made from Pure New Wool, so it is best to wash it as little as possible.

We recommend you dry clean our accessory products to retain their look and feel.

Though we do recommend dry cleaning to maintain shape and look, if you prefer to wash your Tweed accessories please follow the following care instructions below.

Washing instructions for Accessories and Harris Tweed® Face Coverings

Hand wash in cool, clean water, 30 degrees max.

We recommend using a wool liquid soap or even a good quality 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner. 

Never use powder detergent.

Gently massage a small amount of the soap through the garment, be cautious not to wring, rub or stretch whilst washing.

Rinse the garment in fresh water.

Do not lift the item up as wet fabric weighs more and will stretch.

Gently roll the product in a towel to squeeze excess water out of material.

Lay the garment flat on a towel, reshaping whilst doing so.

Leave to dry naturally away from direct heat sources and out of sunlight.

Use a steam iron to gently press the item.