Amy Britton’s Harris Tweed®

Amy Britton’s Harris Tweed® accessories – matching purses, phone covers, glasses and pencil cases – are essentials for modern living.

Amy spared time to talk about her work at the height of early lockdown when she felt she had to ‘pivot like crazy to stay on top.’ With three staff to support, she had found a way to use her gifts in response to the crisis, making face masks with structured, fused layers designed to avoid muffled voices.

Her work combines precision and passion. Speaking to Amy is like being caught up in a creative whirlwind. When she talks about her ideas and the Scottish companies she is proud to be working with, it is impossible not to be swept up with her. There is grounding too: she cares about the particulars.

Her Harris Tweed® story began with making purses in the spare room in Stirling. ‘I loved tweed, loved textiles, loved sewing.’ Then she got her hands on a laser cutter and found ‘so much pleasure in making things precise.’

This is not a surprise, as her background is interior design and architecture. It was her granny who sparked that passion with a childhood gift – a book on Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Scotland’s celebrated designer and architect.

How fitting then that two of her projects involve the Willow Tea Rooms and Glasgow School of Art: both iconic buildings (one sadly lost) designed by her childhood hero. Rennie Mackintosh also cared about the beauty of objects inside and out, their structure and aesthetics.

Now she works with the Harris Tweed® fabrics woven by Adabrock Weaving Company to produce a range of contemporary, complementary designs for modern living. There is the Sunset Collection (‘I’m obsessed with them – and sunrises too.’). The Landscape Collection picks up more yet colours from land, sea and sky: Barley Yellow reminds her of harvest and is an ode to her Grandad. Then there is Kingfisher, Lichen Green and Heather Purple. The list goes on. So many colours! ‘I went to town!’ Amy admits.

We’re glad she did.


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Instagram: @amybrittonproducts

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