The Cloth


Our unique range of Harris Tweed has colour and character attributable to truly traditional Scottish weaving methods.


It is handwoven on an old Hattersley loom called Agnes in Adabrock . . . overlooking the ocean, skies and ancient cliffs of the Outer Hebrides.


Each Harris Tweed pattern has been developed over the centuries to have distinct personalities and characteristic subtleties in complex natural shades.  


The wool is unusually dyed prior to spinning, allowing blending of multiple colours into the yarn, producing different shades to create depth and complexity that is revealed when looking closely at the wool.


Our Harris Tweed is a contemporary herringbone, with colour that is new and fresh, soft, tactile, breathable, warm, colourful and sustainable. We currently use nine shades, all woven in Adabrock.


New colours will be introduced as they feel suitable for our designs. Today’s Harris Tweed retains its heritage of practicality and longevity, extolling all the quality and virtues of a truly 21st century luxury fabric.


The Design


Amy Britton is an independent Scottish manufacturer of contemporary Harris Tweed accessories, created from her love of textiles and design.


Her products are created from a unique Harris Tweed woven especially for her in the Outer Hebrides and inspired by traditional Scottish landscapes and seasons.


Each is inspired by the need to contain something, whether coins, headphones or computer/camera connectors, eyeglasses, lipstick or whatever you need nearby or at-hand.


The product range has items from small to larger cosmetic and makeup bags, all multi-functional.


Covers for a range of gadgets we seem to need to get through life these days are also available.  


With all the things we carry with us these days, this is the concept behind the designs, all have been designed because someone has asked for them.


What will yours be?