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Design a Community Face Covering - Student Competition

Amy Britton is a Stirling based designer who has designed and manufactured a range of Community Face Coverings as a response to the Covid 19 pandemic.

The face coverings comply with the new European standard CWA17753:2020 >90% Community Face Coverings.

We need your help in promoting this European Standard and this Scottish designed and manufactured product.

Open to all Art School Students, we are looking for exciting designs to print on our face coverings. 

Design a ‘Community Face Covering’ for use in your community.

The winners will be produced as part of our expanding range.

  • The shortlist of 10 best designs (as voted for by our inhouse team) will each receive 20 masks with their chosen design printed on them.
  • Two runners up will also receive £250
  • The overall winner will receive £500 and their mask going into production with a royalty on sales. 

Rules and Regs:

Referring to our template, please email your design from your student email address, as a 320dpi minimum JPG to

  • It can be a textile design or a graphic for printing on a specific location of the mask.
  • The size of the design needs to fit within a 135mm x 240mm rectangle or the template layout which you can download.
  • Copyright is retained by the student – any face coverings that go into production will generate a royalty to the designer. 
  • Deadline is March 10th at 1600.
  • Winners will be announced on Friday March 12th.

 Our Community Face Coverings :

Face Coverings with known certification have traditionally been a single use product and with the influence of Covid-19 their increased use these will also have an environmental impact with many masks ending up in landfill

Our washable alternative is an approach to meeting the increased need for facemasks without the expected environmental impact. 

We have collaborated with Nick Bell from The Product Design Engineering department at Glasgow School of Art and Glasgow University and a testing company, to identify the most appropriate standards that our product should meet.

Through an iterative design process our face masks now comply with the highest level of CWA17553, a European standard that has been developed for this specific type of product.

Our product has been designed with fit, comfort, washability, breathability, filtration, and ease and speed of manufacture as the main drivers for the finished design.

In addition, it was equally important for the materials to come from a recycled source, from ethical companies, sourced within the UK and Europe to reduce the carbon footprint.

As a spectacle wearer, it was also fundamentally important that the design does not (for the majority) steam up glasses.

The original concept was to developed a face covering to be worn in ‘Solidarity’. 

We have built and trained a team to produce a range of face coverings that;

  • Comply with the European CWA17553:2020 standard for Community face coverings. Filtration >90%
  • Designed to fit the face, covering both the nose and mouth.
  • Easy to put on and take off, designed to close to protect the inside.
  • Shaped to stop glasses steaming up.
  • Are manufactured from recycled materials and are 95% recyclable at end of life.
  • Designed and manufactured in Scotland from predominantly European materials.

This is an environmentally conscious solution to an expected societal change over the coming year as the country moves from lock-down to a new form of business as usual.